Blog Post 3: E-Portfolios vs Formative Assessment

Today we were given the opportunity to have a guest lecturer, Ian Landy, in our technology class. He is responsible for introducing e-portfolios as an assessment tool into elementary classrooms here on Vancouver island. Going into the lecture I wasn’t sure what to expect and was a little skeptical of the process (having been schooled in a very traditional euro-western manor the idea of no report card and set grading system is very unfamiliar to me) but he definitely shed some light on what might prove to be something that I will incorporate into my future classroom.

E-portfolios are a way of documenting student progress and learning throughout the entire semester. The teacher is able to take pictures, videos files, audio files, and other student submissions and upload them onto the platform. It shows all the work the student has put in the get to the point they are not instead of just a traditional letter grade at slapped on to a report card. Not only does this show the parents their child’s development throughout the term, but it also takes away a lot of the “grading stress” brought on to students come report cards time. They are also a great way to personalize student learning as not every student needs to have the same assessment submissions!

If anyone wants to know more about Ian Landy he has an amazing blog thats worth checking out! He provides a lot of resources and insight into teaching practices.