Multiple Plucking Patterns-Final Musical Growth

The fifth song that I chose to learn this semester is Here Comes the Sun. When I originally picked this piece I did not pick it for the music, I simply enjoy the song. I thought it would fun to know how to play and that my friends and I could all sing it this summer around a campfire. As I started to look over the music for it, however, I realized it is actually a very intricate song! Not only was there a new chord that I would be learning, but the piece also contains three different plucking patterns as well as a strumming pattern. It was the hardest song I have tried to learn how to play. 

I worked at it bit by bit every single day. I found that if I started by only learning chunks at a time I would put a lot less pressure on myself. I began by playing through the song with the strumming pattern only. This helped me to get used to the chord transitions and playing the new chord of D. After this, I added in the first riff which comes right after the G chord in the first line. I do not know why this was as hard as it was, but I am not used to having to control my ring finger that much. It took a lot of practice and I still do not get it every time. After this, I learned the longest riff of the song. This required a lot more finger movement but I picked it up a lot quicker because it is mostly plucking. After that was the hardest one. I am still working on perfecting it because it is something that I have never tried before. The third riff is played while strumming, so I am not even sure if you can call it a riff. You strum down normally, but on every up you only pluck the one string. I can not play this one at full speed yet. I started learning it by just practicing playing the riff (without integrating the strumming). Once I was able to play that, I started doing it with the strumming.

I cannot sing and play this one yet, I have recently started trying to sing with it but have not successfully done so all the way through. Regardless, I am extremely proud of myself for learning what I set out to on my adapted plan. It took a lot of hard work and I am excited to play them for my friends. I have even been facetiming my parents to show them everything that I have learned. The way this semester is ending is definitely abnormal, but I am still excited that I got to go to school for the beginning of it. Moving forwards, I think it is important to remember that learning can be done in a lot of different settings. Just because a Student is not in class does not mean that they are not learning. Another thing for me to remember is that a student is never too old to want to show their parents what they have learned.

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