Tackling New Songs

In February I began being treated for Lyme disease. It was caught early enough that it should go away soon but made me extremely tired. I continued with my regular school and work days but found it to be very difficult to do extra tasks. I decided to cut down the number of songs that I had originally intended on learning because I did not want to push myself too hard. The song I chose to cut was titled, One Man Band and it was a song that I was really looking forward to playing. It is one of my favourite songs, however, it has a very difficult plucking pattern and contained a lot of new chords. I chose to cut this one for a couple of reasons, however, the main one is that I want to learn to play this song when I am in the right space mentally. It would no longer be fun for me if I was being pushed past my breaking point to be able to play it.

Throughout February I started to learn the song You Are My Sunshine. I was already familiar with the chords in the song so it was not too difficult. I chose to do a DDU DDU strumming pattern to add a bit of groove to the song. The song is quite slow so the hardest part about playing the song is not speeding up. Sometimes when I am playing it I get excited and start to play extremely fast, but when this happens it ruins the song! I learned that I have to tap my foot or my knee to try and keep the same tempo. This helps me to slow down but will sometimes throw me off my playing. It took a lot of practice to do both at once. 

I decided to sing along to this one because I feel like it ties the whole piece together. Even though my singing may not be perfect, it adds a bit more happiness to the song. I have played it a few times with my roommate and she and I had lots of fun singing along also! This song has helped me to remember how much fun playing the ukulele can be. It is one that I will remember for a long time and keep in my back pocket for when I am teaching! 

My experience with this over the past month has taught me some valuable lessons that I will bring with me into the classroom. Just because someone seems to be doing well on the outside does not mean that they are on the inside. It is important to remember that our students are doing the best they can and dealing with a lot. I found it hard to let go of some responsibilities, but in the end, it helped me grow.

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