Getting Started

For my passion project last year I decided to learn the ukulele. I went into this passion project this term pretty confident that I would be able to learn six new songs because I was under the impression that I already knew the basics. That thought was short-lived. On the first day that we ukulele in class, I learned that I do not hold my ukulele properly. When I played I would always rest the instrument gently on my leg, this helped me to keep my wrists loose when I was strumming and transitioning between chords. I have found that with the new way we’re supposed to hold it, hugging it against my chest, the chords that I mastered last year are now more difficult than before. This new holding position is extremely discouraging because I can barely even strum a C chord. 

I have spent the past two to three weeks practicing scales and riptide in the new holding position. I have yet to start my new songs because I have found it difficult to think about holding and playing at the same time. Yesterday I was able to successfully hold my ukulele and play riptide for the first time! It felt really good to be able to do this but it is now time to learn my new songs. I am extremely nervous to try new strumming patterns and finger plucking patterns. I’ve decided to start with the three songs that have chords I already know. I think this will help me to focus on what my right hand is doing and holding the ukulele without having to have a huge worry about my left hand’s finger placement. 

There is a lot let to do and I am really worried about the goals that I have set. Hopefully, now that I have mostly figured out how to hold my ukulele I will progress at a quicker pace. I am really excited to start trying songs that I have not played yet and can sing along to.

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