Positive Vibes

For the past two weeks I have been leaving positive messages around campus and town to help anyone who sees them to have a good day. For the first week I wrote notes on pieces of paper and put them onto cars around our campuses parking lot. It’s a stressful time of year for university students, everyone is scrambling to finish midterms while also trying to begin studying for upcoming finals! I figured after a long day of school it would be very exciting to come back to your car and see something kind on your window. What I didn’t think of is that when you’re approaching your car and you see a piece of paper on it, a car owners mind immediately jumps to two things :

1: I got a parking ticket

2. Someone hit my car and left a note with their details

Now obviously I didn’t mean to scare people into thinking their day was ruined more, but I did it on some of my friends cars and their said it was too much of a rollercoaster of emotions for them to be super worried and then just read a little note! So I decided to try something new the following week.

Week two of positive messages I wrote kind words on rocks and placed them around campus and around town. This was a fun art project that i was able to include my friends into and was also very visually appealing. I thought this would be a great way to spread positivity throughout the community without leading people to think of the financial burden associated with car mishaps.

The rocks were cute, and when people saw them they definitely liked them… but they were a lot harder for most people to see. In general when someone is walking they’re not looking directly down on the ground, which is something I didn’t think of because I never think of how we walk I just simply walk. So this one worked pretty well, however, I knew I wanted to do better for my final week.

Week three of positivity was a hit. I went back to campus and decided to aim this one directly at students who are running out of money, stressed with exams, and struggling to get to class on time. In my room I have a jar of change, I don’t often spend change when it’s given to me so I end up putting it into a mason jar and never knew what to do with it! I decided that I would put little bit of change into individual plastic bags (I know plastic.. I am sorry for the environment impact) and then I hung these bags on parking meters around campus.

This is something that definitely excited students, made their days, and encouraged them to go through their day with the “pass it on” attitude.

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