QR Codes

QR codes are a useful tool for teachers to use when creating handouts and worksheets. They are small square boxes which, when scanned, bring the reader to an external link. The codes are quite easy to create as there are many websites which will generate them for you! All you have to do when making them is attach the link or file that you are wanting the code to bring your students to and then click “go”. The website will then generate a code for you which you can copy, paste, or print to wherever you would like!

QR Code for peacemaking in Victoria

In the classroom this is an awesome way to link tutorials onto complicated math problems, audio clips onto readings, and even youtube videos for extra information/visual aides! And example of this could be on a complicated question from a math homework sheet. Attached to the question and be a code which will show students how to do the problem if they get stuck.

If you have followed my other blog posts you may have seen the one under the “Open Inquiry” tab titled “Placemaking”. When a group or my peers and I created a handout for faculty and parents about the positive impact of peacemaking, we added a QR code at the bottom which would bring them to an interactive map of popular placemaking sites around Victoria. If you are intrigued by QR codes and are now wanting to try one out, feel free to give that one a shot and experience some of the beautiful art that this city has to offer. This is placed above!

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