In class today we had a group of classmates present what they have learned about coding over the past few months. They showed us all the hard work that they had put in and explained that so much work and understanding goes into a basic code. Basically coding is even more difficult than you think it is going to be, which my preliminary assumption was already that it would be quite difficult! They also explained that it is easier for children to learn, as with any new skill, and there are apps that are being made to help teach students how to code such as Move theTurtle.

The group used the app “Scratch” to teach themselves how to code and then gave us some time as a class to try and figure out what to do. I must say that this is not an area of technology where I excel, but it was definitely cool to see what I can do! The website we went to was: http://

This website offers step by step instructions on how to code multiple different things. It contains many different projects for people of all coding levels. This would be an awesome tool to incorporate into the classroom to help teach students how to code. It not only will allow each individual to work at their own pace in an encouraging way, but also will advance students technological knowledge and will provide them skills which will help them throughout their future educations and career.

Microbit is a different coding program which is in javascript instead of blocking. The group learning to code recently moved on to learning on this platform but I am far from being capable to do so. Basically Javascript shows you underneath the hood of the car and blocks are like being able to change your windshield wiper fluid and fill the gas tank. The group learned how to pay rock paper scissors against a computer.

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