Augmented Reality in the Classroom

Augmented reality is an awesome learning tool that can be used in classrooms for all ages. There is a cool app that was demonstrated to us today in class called HP reveal. This allows teachers to create hot spots on text which, when students scan, whatever the teacher links to it will appear on the screen. Teachers can link tutorial videos to math problems. answer keys, audio clips, and so much more! A specific example that was shown to us was with chemistry. Our teacher had three cards with elements on them, in this case there were two single hydrogen cards and one oxygen card. As our teacher pushed them together the cards appeared to be folded together to show the element created: H2O. This technology can be used for so many learning opportunities which students would not otherwise have!

Virtual reality is a form of augmented reality which can be users useful learning tool for older students. This technology allows students to be brought to and experience different places around the world in a realistic manner. It is a great aide for hands on and visual learners to be able to experience and learn! The downside to virtually reality is that many people grow nauseous while using it, it has some affects on brains functioning systems, and, because of these affects, children under the age of thirteen should not use it. Everyone should limit themselves to 30 minutes maximum while using this equipment to help ensure their psychological and physical safety remains the same.

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