Audio and Video Editing

A few months ago we learned some useful tools for audio and video editing that are simple and get the job done. I’m not sure why I never wrote about it, however, I want to share this experience and these tools with you all!

To edit our movie clips they introduced iMovie to the class. For some this was a new experience, but I had already used this tool to edit some projects in past semesters. It is definitely an intimidating app when you first get into it because it takes some practice, so don’t jump in right away thinking you can easily do it, definitely a lot yourselves some time to research tutorials. Once you upload your videos that you are wanting to edit together or cut, you can easily follow the directions on the bars below and above! Remember that nothing is permanent and you can always undo your edits. The one part that confused me the most was trying to add music/audio files on top of your videos. iMovie has fixed sounds that you are able to use, and granted there are many sounds, but because of copyright reasons you can’t actually add music over your videos! Maybe you can and have just yet to figure it out, so if someone know how please message me and teach me how!

Garage band was the next app that we used and this is for audio editing. I used this software once in high school when our teacher assignment us a “Bio Rap” so we had to take the audio track, record ourselves singing, and then overlap the two. This is also a tricky tool when you first get into it so its important to give yourself a little bit of time to learn the terms, controls, and to figure out the overall software. Once you get a hang of it it is a very simple tool to use! I was able to figure out how to use it at the age of 17 with no help so it is definitely a tool which can be easily incorporated into the classroom!

You can also use the musical keyboard which is where you click the keys to generate sound and the sounds go directly onto garage band an allow you to overlap them! You get a very crisp sound which goes right onto your track when you use the piano, it also makes it so that you don’t have to own keyboard. It only had one octave at a time though, and because if this small range of keys you cannot do a duet.

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