Spring on the Island

For this week’s blog we decided to take pictures of our environment and what we had noticed happening around us, which was springtime! We wanted to try and capture a few moments that mirrored the changing of seasons and how beautiful the island is at this time of year. We think that this time of year has such a variety of conflicting emotions to it. People are beginning to feel the stress of school take hold, having the responsibility of school, figuring out summer time plans, and saying goodbye to people that you have come so close with throughout the year. All these things stacking up can take a lot out of someone emotionally and physically. We think that taking a walk and capturing some of the beautiful moments can help you remember that no matter what is going on the world keeps going and, in the end, appreciating the little things is very important.

You could implement this in a class room by getting students to take out cameras and go for a walk around the school property trying to find something that makes them feel peaceful or happy. Students may be free to create something, use nature, or work as a group to make a collage of things that make them feel grateful. Mental health is a topic that has recently become more normal to speak about with young people and this is a really good exercise to begin to speak about things such as taking time for yourself and slowing down.

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