Rain Unit Reflection

This week in EDCI306 we were prompt with a rain chant and asked to write a lesson plan around it in groups of six. My group and I were immediately inspired by the concept of rain and weather and began to make a bunch of cross curricular activities! We had so many ideas varying directions we could take for one lesson that, instead, we decided to create an entire unit plan. We went onto the BC curriculum website* and got to work. Of course with the new curriculum being inquiry based we had to leave major concepts fairly broad, this would allow students to expand on concepts which interested them and leave other behind while still learning the “Big Ideas” outlined in the curriculum. We informally presented our unit plan to the rest of the cohort and everyone seemed to be very inspired by the ideas which we had began to explore. Below is a list of some rain based activities to do in an elementary school classroom!

  • reading “the Itsy Bitsy spider” story book
  • singing “the Itsy Bitsy spider” and doing the actions
  • estimating and measuring rainfall (either daily or weekly)
  • making a rainstick
  • making a tornado in a jar (this is also a very good and inexpensive tool to help students relieve stress)
  • learning about weather patterns
  • what makes rain/ the water cycle
  • making “your own” representation of the water cycle (this allows students to explore varying ways to present one topic, it could be a poster, diorama, video, tableau, play, song, etc)
  • making a rain dance in groups
  • rain chant

For my first practicum my teaching partner and I were placed at a local elementary school here in SD63! We were pretty excited when we found out that not only would we be teaching core French, but we also get the opportunity to teach to grades 2-5. This experience means that we get to practice teaching a new language and making lesson planning for multiple grades. What’s an amazing way to learn new languages you ask? Well, music of course! I’m not sure what direction to take with music yet, whether we should have students learn songs about the lesson theme while we are there, research french artists, or even writing their own small songs with vocabulary from the unit. If anyone has any ideas please message me and let me know!



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