Open and Networked Learning

Today we were able to video conference into a lecture being done by Verena Roberts, oh what amazing opportunities technology allows us to have! She was leading a discussion on open and networked learning, meaning how to expand learning beyond the four classroom walls. By expanding k-12 learning environments outside of the classroom students are able to expand beyond their physical experience and connect their learning to their community as well as to further develop their own personal identity (turner 2018).

What we’re trying to do is give students to learn through real world experiences and make connections with community members and in varying fields which interest each individual child. This design would allow for the expansion of shared learning opportunities by collaboratively and individually building knowledge for different topics, participatory learning, creating learning networks and safe and expanded learning environments.

*This image was an example found on Flickr*

This method allows for all voices to be heard and all learning domains to be demonstrated. Learners who need to visually see the process to understand will be able to experience this, kinaesthetic learners will experience a hands on environment, and auditory learners will listen to the lessons. It is important to show students that not only is there more than one way to learn but there is also more than one place to learn in. Every time a teacher begins to plan a lesson it is important for them to think: “what if we used our imaginations to rethink the possibilities for learning?” .

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