Gratitude Tree

Last semester me and my friends decided to do some research on placemaking to create a handout to give to parents. While doing this, we were inspired and decided to do a little bit of placemaking of our own on campus! We chose to create a gratitude tree. For those of you who aren’t sure what that is, it’s basically just a tree where people come up whenever they choose and write something that they are grateful for on a piece of paper, then hang it up on one of the branches. Of course, since we’re in education, we decided to add one little twist: we asked people to either write something they are grateful for OR something that they are curious about! The answers were AWESOME, my current favourite is the question “how do we know what dinosaurs sound like?”

Here is a picture of our tree when we first set it up in the Education Student Association Lounge (Day 1)

Once we had done our presentation we weren’t quite sure what to do with this tree that we had assembled, we figured one of us would take it home or we would disassemble the branches we had bound together with chicken wire and redistribute them in a forest somewhere. Right when we were about to leave we were approached by a professor in the faculty who asked if we could leave the tree up in the art wing because it make the cold hallways feel more homey! Of course we left it up. This semester we have a class in front of the tree and people have STILL been adding to it, some have even written down their gratitudes on pieces of paper from notebooks because the provided bowl ran out! I will attach another picture on Thursday of how full the tree is now.


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