Documenting Travel

This week was our reading week so our whole group went and traveled every which way! Of course, our individual adventures meant that we couldn’t meet up as a group to work collaboratively on a theme this week, so we chose to document some of our travels! We each have some individual pictures that we took and wanted to share on our blogs.

In the classroom, it is important to allow students to work both in groups and alone! A fun project that we thought of to do alone is to document the place that you are in. This place could be your hometown or it could be a city/town that you travel to! By taking these photos students will then be able to share their own story with others while using a visual aid.

This past week I was fortunate enough to go to Cancun, Mexico with my mom! What I had thought was going to be a week of lounging around and relaxing from a busy semester turned out to be action packed. In the seven days we were there, my mom and I went ziplining, swam through cenotes, drove amphibious vehicles through the jungle, visited Isla Mujeres, went to a turtle sanctuary, went parasailing, and snorkeled on the world’s second largest coral reef! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take pictures of everything because a lot of the activities were soaking wet, but there are a few cool ones that I think tell my story perfectly!


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