Surprising the Cohort

Today was a fun one because I was able to combine two of my topics into one! My tech inquiry group came over to bake some cupcakes that we decided would be an awesome valentines day surprise for our cohort. Everyone was so excited when we showed up in the morning, it made our 8:30 class a little bit more fun. Although most people I know decided that valentines day would just be an ordinary Thursday other than maybe a dinner, it’s always nice to have a completely unexpected surprise!

As soon as they came to my house we got to work on our first batch of cupcakes: white confetti cake. Then we started our SECOND batch: double chocolate. Why two batches you ask? Because we wanted to make sure there was enough for everyone and that they all had flavour options.

We mixed some strawberries with the icing to make it pink and to make them a little extra tasty. In all it was a crazy fun filled day with my friends that ended up making the 28 other people we see every day a little bit happier as well! It’s always fun to surprise the people you care about.


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