An Icy Ontario Winter

This winter had been very cold in Canada, but even more so in the Eastern provinces. While I’m lucky enough to live on the beautiful Vancouver Island in British-Columbia, my friend from London Ontario is not as fortunate. Now even regularly the November- late March months aren’t the most pleasant ones of the year, but this February, temperatures dropped past -30 after windchill and along with the cold came snow and freezing rain. Universities and public school systems across the province were calling snow days, and for that to happen in Canada… well then you know it must be freezing!

This week I decided that I would surprise one of my close friends in Ontario by sending a little care package to help him fight off the cold. In the box, there was a UVIC hoodie (part of an ongoing attempt to convince him to move), matcha late powder, and a funny coffee mug. This weeks act of kindness may have only been for one person, but it definitely brightened up his day! The mug is currently lost in the mail, which is a total bummer, but he received the hoodie and the matcha powder and is very excited about it!


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