Outdoor Education and Documentation

For our photography this week we decided to experiment with the outdoor education side of inquiry-based learning. We chose to go down to the beach and build a fort! While this may sound simple, the act of building a fort out of driftwood actually provides a great outlet for hands on learning. While we were building we used problem solving, estimation, prediction, angles, and a little bit of measurement. Playing around with different sized sticks and angles to make the base of our structure was a great test for not only our physical ability to carry the logs, but also for our understanding of how the angle of the logs affects the stability of the structure.

We chose to document the process of building our fort as a form of assessment. By documenting the entirety of the project you are able to not only see the final project but also further comprehend the learning experience. It gives the viewer a way to see where the learner started with their work and all the steps they had to take to be able to get to the final product. When only a photo of the final product is shown, the view cannot see the journey the learner took. In the case of our fort, looking only at the final product the fort looks like a regular beach  fort. However, when you are able to see the entire process of the hard work we had to do to get there it puts the outcome more into perspective for someone looking in on it. Throughout the journey of this project, we were able to learn more about digital photography through the process of documentation, setting up and using a tripod, and using the self-timer.


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