Building a Birdhouse

So I chose to start out the list with one of the smaller idea’s that I thought would be fun for me to do! I have a friend who is a carpenter so I asked him to come over and help be build a birdhouse. I was going to buy a little kit from a local hardware store but when I went to look there wasn’t any! Of course my friend had other plans already and showed up to my house with his toolbox and a 2×4 plank of wood. As soon as I saw the equipment in his hands I knew that I was already a little in over my head.

Now to help you visualize what was happening, we were both in my little basement suite trying to accomplish something which definitely should have been done in a workshop. We pushed back my coffee table to get some work room, put on “The Office” and got to work! We for some reason chose to wing it and just start cutting the sides of the house before we measured anything. Luckily this kind of worked out.

Now that you’re hopefully picturing us sawing a large plank of wood in my basement suite I want to add to this by stating that we did not have a hammer to nail the pieces together. Luckily I have found a cool rock at the beach the other day and brought it home, so now you can also try to picture us sitting on my floor slamming a rock into a piece of wood! To top it all off we had no power tools with us so instead of drilling a hole for the birds to go into, my friend came up with the solution to chisel one out.

In all I had a blast making the bird house and it is definitely a memory that I will keep for many years. I think it looks pretty good given the circumstances, however the hole we made was too small to my friend took it home to drill in a bigger one. Below is a picture of the initial wood cut made in my house. And our birdhouse with a chiseled hole!


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