Photography: Playing Around

We were so excited to get started on learning all about photography and different ways that it can be incorporated into the classroom. For our first week we chose to sit down and really specify what direction we wanted to take our learning in (as there are endless possibilities). We decided that we wanted to experiment on different projects and assignments that we can do with a class involving photography and see how this can be an aid for inquiry based learning.

Now in order to do this, we had to figure out how to use the camera that we rented out from the digital media desk in the library. We chose to walk around downtown and just play around with different setting, lighting, and angles for our first big adventure in order to be able to make a fair project for future students! If we can’t do it, how do we expect students to be able to make a lesson to teach students how to?

Now we are in the middle of figuring out how to upload all our photos onto our computers. Looking through them quickly a lot of them are not great at all, but there are a few that we are very proud of! We will show you some of these in the next post but, for now, heres a selfie we took in a window downtown that is kind of cool.

Update: Here are some of our trial shots that I think are pretty cool!

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