Blog Post 2: Ed-Camp and Professional Learning Environments

Today we learned all about ed-camps and what they’re about. I think it was a really cool tool to use with groups to start a conversation about something that interests a specific individual. It would be a really easy tool to use when beginning a new inquiry based subject in school or even when wrapping up a unit: it would allow each person to discuss content which interested them!

Professional learning is an important tool which can not only be used to widens one knowledge of a chosen topic, but also to practice respectful dialogue and to build new relationships with people who share similar interest as you. A person cannot always see a different perspective from their own until it is explained by someone else.

My group decided to discuss whether or not we were being too accommodating for students and whether or not discomfort is always a bad thing! Like any large group discussion we had people who were on both sides of this hot topic, however, everyone spoke in a very respectful manner to one another. We sat and discussed various ideas and example situations for about thirty minutes before gathering back in class. By the end of our time we found that there was a common theme: everything depended on the unique situation and that is important to have a connection with each individual student before making a decision. Whether or not you are going to try and push a child out of their comfort zone you need to first understand them to be able to recognize whether this action would be beneficial or destructive. In summary, accommodation vs discomfort for students is an extremely grey area.


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